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Sojo Grain Free Oct 18, 2013 Anonymous
  Excellent product for a dog who's allergic to a lot! more...
no stinkin' bugs Apr 24, 2010 C. Crawford Independence MO US
  I am a bug magnet. I must have sweet blood, bugs just have this way of finding me. I can be out with several other people and I am the only person the bugs... more...
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Scent Shield Hunt Mate Scent Dip Wicks

These tough fiber wicks are a must for placing scent/lure where you want it.

  • Provides a better no-mess, no-spill application for greater success when using liquid lures & scents
  • Non UV refelctive
  • Super absorbent
  • 6 per pack. Reusable storage bag
  Original Price :  $6.99 Our Price :  $2.99
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