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Wheeler Cerama-Coat Spray and Bake Gun Finish Flat Dark Earth

Makes the metal parts of any gun look like new.

  • New reformulated product
  • Wheeler Engineering's Cerama-Coat is a spray-on metal finish that brings new life to old guns without expensive airbrushes or painting equipment. This one-can solution is the toughest metal finish available. This is an ultra-modern formula that contains a ceramic matrix, giving the finish ultimate durability, wear-resistance, and protection against rust and solvents.
  • The Flat Dark Earth color won't spook game and looks great on any gun.
  • Applying Cerama-Coat is an easy 4 step process - Disassemble, Degrease, Apply and Bake. Degrease the item to be coated, shake the Cerama-Coat can vigorously and spray the parts with three light coats of finish. Bake the part in an oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to cure the finish, and you'll have a finish ready to take the very worst that mother nature can dish out.
  • Each can contains 4 ounces - enough to refinish two long guns.
  • Not for use on wood, plastics, or scopes.
  • Non-reflective matte black
  • Impervious to gun solvents
  • Weatherproofs gun metal
  • Restores value to worn guns
  • Ceramic is the hardest material ever to be added to a home gun finish - Harder and more durable than your gun's original finish
  • Slick finish can be used on moving parts
  • Can be applied over bare metal, blued steel, anodized aluminum and parkerizing
  • Clean-up with Acetone
  • Color: Flat Dark Earth
  Original Price :  $39.99 Our Price :  $28.99
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