Not All Soft Gun Cases Are The Same

When choosing a soft gun case it is important to remember that not all gun cases are the same. There is a wide range of quality from one manufacturer to another. Plus some soft gun cases have unique features not found on other brands. If you think of a soft gun case as simply a piece of fabric with foam padding and a zipper then it is easier to compare quality and features.

Foam padding is the biggest difference from one soft gun case to another. The purpose of a soft gun case is to protect the firearm while traveling or storage. The thicker the foam padding the better in performing this function. Some cases are simply a soft fabric gun sock without foam padding such as the Allen Camo Rifle Sleeve, while other cases have up to 3 inches of foam padding for superior protection like the Allen Euro Oversized Soft Gun Case. Obviously the 3 inch foam case is going to do a better job of protecting the firearm over the soft gun sock.

Other differences in soft gun cases are cosmetic. Some cases are fancier than others and can range from different types of camo to specialty fabrics. These features generally do not change the level of protection. But extra magazine pockets or barrel pockets can change the functionality of the soft gun case.

The final group of soft gun cases worth mentioning is the specialty case area. These are soft gun cases that have extra features that enhance the cases function. A great example is the SKB Dry-Tek soft handgun cases. These cases have a special fabric and construction that wicks away moisture to prevent corrosion on your firearm. They are available in 9″, 12″ and 15″ lengths. Other cases similar are the Allen Silicone Impregnated knit gunsock that also helps prevents corrosion while storing a gun. All of these cases and more are available at Explore Products.


ATV Rider Accessories That Are A Must

Some of our favorite ATV Accessories help make riding more enjoyable and safer. One of the newest is the ATV Tek Rider Dust Mask. These masks filter out 99.9% trail dust particles without interfering with your helmet or riding glasses. They are available in 2 sizes and 3 color choices.

For rider safety we recommend the Pyramex ATV V2 Safety Glasses. The come in 3 lens color choices and not only protect your eye from impact damage, but also 99% of UV rays. The ATV glasses are ventilated for comfort and a foam gasket keeps out dust.

To reduce thumb and hand fatigue, the All Rite Thumbuddy will reduce vibrations and increase comfort for those long rides. It also prevents long term nerve damage from excessive vibrations and stress. There are 2 models available at Explore Products.

Be sure to see all of the ATV and UTV rider accessories at Explore Products.

Great Gear For Your ATV You May Not Be Aware Of

There is a lot of product on the market for ATV’s and UTV’s. We have found that many riders are unaware of some of the ATV accessories and UTV products that will make their ride more enjoyable or perform the work functions that an ATV can help with.

If you are working or riding in the backwoods, one of the most useful items is a Kolpin ATV Fuel Packs. These allow you to carry an extra 1 1/2 to 4 gallons of fuel thus extending your range or having extra fuel to run chainsaws, etc. The ATV fuel packs provide a margin of safety helping to ensure that you do not run our of fuel miles from any help.

Another great ATV accessory for riders pulling trailers is the Great Day ATV Hitch Extender. The hitch extender gives an extra 15″ reach to allow for more clearance of the ATV trailer giving more control and better turn clearance between the ATV and the trailer.

If you plan on riding on roads or trails then the ATV Tek Clearview mirror will allow you top see other traffic coming up behind you. The mirror also works great for riders using their ATV to plow snow or other functions where backing up is frequent.

If noise is an issue, then we recommend the Kolpin ATV Stealth Exhaust System. This reduces exhaust noise on ATV’s and UTV’s by up to 50% with no loss in mid-range performance. This is a great item for law enforcement use or any other situation where you need to minimize your noise signature.

Explore Products carries a full line of ATV Gun Boots, rider accessories and UTV products to fit any hunting, farm or hobby use.


Shooting Supplies That Make Shooting More Enjoyable

There are an endless amount of shooting supplies that are available these days. Some of our favorites will help make shooting accurately easier and more fun.

If you are into long range shooting then the Caldwell Wind Wizard is indispensable. The Wind Wizard takes the guess work out of wind speed and temperature allowing for more accurate bullet placement. The Wind Wizard can read wind speed in Beauford wind scale as well as mph, ft per minute, Km/h, m/s, or Knots to help increase your shooting accuracy. It also gauges temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as wind chill.

If your shooting range is somewhere that does not have a built-in bench, then the MTM Predator Shooting Table is portable, lightweight and relatively inexpensive. The table features fold-up legs for storage and transport as well as molded in notches on the tabletop that allow you to rest your guns up against the side of the table. The shooting table only weighs 15 pounds and stores in a space only 35″L x 28″W x 2.5” thick and will easily fit in most back seats.

For targets we recommend the Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C interactive targets for easy shot placement viewing – even without optics. There are many sizes available that will be sure to challenge any shooter, as well as specialty targets like Zombies or 3-D Shadow Targets which represent challenging hostage shot situations.

Explore Products carries a full line of Shooting Supplies including rifles rests, shooting targets, hearing protection to keep your range time fun and safe.

Are there still leather gun cases available?

There are still real leather gun cases available from several manufacturers. Of course the price is at a premium over cloth style gun cases. But the classic look and durability of a leather gun case still make them a great value.

Allen Company makes a suede leather handgun case available in 8”, 11”, 13” and 15” lengths. The cases feature a sheepskin interior and metal hardware. The color may vary slightly from one case to the next due to the difference from one hide to the next, but the overall color is a brown suede classic look.

Another company that still makes a leather case is Outdoor Connection. They make a black leather triangle shaped handgun case available in 8”, 11” and 14” lengths with a fleece interior. These cases also feature a barrel pocket to keep your gun from sliding around the interior of the case and also have oversized zippers for ease of use.

Outdoor Connection also has a rectangular black leather handgun case in 8”, 11” and 14” lengths with a fleece interior. And they make a brown suede leather rectangular handgun and pistol case in 8”, 11” and 14” lengths also with a fleece interior.  One final case for smaller handguns is the Outdoor Connection brown suede 6” triangular shaped handgun case with an interior barrel pocket. This hard to find size also has a fleece interior. The Outdoor Connection gun cases have a “guaranteed forever” warranty so quality can be assured. Explore Products carries a full selection of handgun and pistol gun cases as well as rifle cases and breakdown shotgun cases.

Custom interior gun cases

Most gun cases have a flat foam or egg carton foam interior to be as generic as possible. Manufacturers do this to reach as large a share of the gun case market as possible. Though this will work for most individuals, there are some unique custom interior gun cases that create a more professional display of your gun and also protect the gun by not allowing it to move inside the case.

SKB has 2 case styles, the SKB 2SKB-3209 and 2SKB-3209B, for breakdown shotguns that have a rigid molded interior.  These have been on the market for many years and feature a green velour fabric and keep the shotgun components in individual segments of the case.

Some newer style SKB breakdown shotgun cases with custom interiors include the SKB 3i-3614-CB and the SKB 3i-3614-CBD single and double custom molded gun cases. These feature a lifetime warranty, made in the USA benefit, and also have a $1500 protection plan on your guns themselves if they were to get damaged in the case. The custom molded interiors offer superior protection while flying or going to the range. And the O-ring seal keeps out moisture to protect your firearm.

Explore Products offers one of the largest in-stock selection of gun cases for not only your breakdown shotgun, but your handguns and rifles as well.

More AR15 gunsmithing tools

Another useful tool for working on your M4 or AR15 is the Wheeler Delta Series AR15 Combo Tool. This unique tool can be purchased with or without a torque wrench and makes doing maintenance and adjustments to your rifle easy. The tool is made out of laminated layers of steel which allow you to torque on the tool without it bending or deforming. It comes with an assortment of bits for performing routine maintenance. The tool is also designed to be used with a ½” drive torque wrench for accurate tightening. Also built in are buffer tube lock nut and flash suppressor teeth to make working on these easy as well.

Another favorite tool is the Wheeler Fat Wrench gunsmithing torque screwdriver set. This handy tool combines common gunsmithing bits with a built in torque wrench. Accurately mount scopes and bases to the proper screw torque as well as perform other common gunsmithing  functions. Both of these tools can be found at Explore Products.

What case will fit a Mathews Bow

Many of the new Mathews bows will not fit older style cases. There are however some great bow cases to fit the newer Mathews parallel limb bows.

For the Mathews HeliM we recommend the SKB 3i-3614-PL Parallel Limb Bow Case with an inside dimension of 35″ x 14″ x 5″. This will hold the HeliM plus other similar sized bows. In addition it has a lifetime warranty on the case and $1500 protection on your bow if it was to get damaged in the case. There is plenty of interior padding and room for a dozen arrows in the lid.

For the Mathews Drenalin, Switchback and Reezen we recommend the SKB 3i-4214-PL Parallel Limb Bow Case with a lifetime warranty and made in the USA. A little bit wider version of this case is the SKB 3i-4217-PL Parallel Limb Bow Case available in a single or 2 bow model.

If you have the Mathews Z7 then the SKB 2SKB-4120 is a great budget priced case with a 5 year warranty and made in the USA. This bow will also fit in the SKB 2SKB-4114A and the SKB 2R-4417-8 if you need more protection and durability.

If you want a case that will allow you to keep a quiver on then the SKB 2SKB-4119 is a fitted design that is deep enough to accommodate most Mathews bows. A partial fit chart can be found at

Most of the SKB bow cases are wheeled for easy travel and all are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Most have rubber O-rings to keep out moisture so we recommend you use a dessicant like silica gel in the case if you plan to store the bow for long periods of time in the case. Explore Products sells a full line of SKB Bow Cases to fit almost any bow.

Some Awesome AR Gunsmithing Tools

Just like a carpenter has specific hammers for different jobs, working on your AR15 or M4 is easier and more enjoyable with the right tools. One of our new favorite gunsmithing tools is the Wheeler Delta Series Magazine Well Block Vise. This handy tool either bolts to your work bench with the supplied hardware, or works in conjunction with the Tipton Best Gun Vice sold separately. Your AR15 or M4 will click in place by simply placing the rifles empty magazine well on the tool. The gun can be released from the vice by pushing the magazine release on your firearm. The vice can also be tilted and locked in place with the center lock knob. This makes cleaning or performing maintenance on your AR easy since it clamps in place at different  angles for a hands-free job.

Another handy tool is the Wheeler Delta Series AR15 Adjustable Receiver Link. This gunsmithing tool holds your AR15 upper and lower receiver in the open position so you can easily clean or adjust the weapon. Both of these tools can be found at Explore Products.

Are there any quality inexpensive hard hadgun cases?

We are asked all the time if there are any decent quality hard handgun cases that are relatively inexpensive. Fortunately the answer is yes. Explore Products has had great results with MTM brand hard plastic handgun and pistol cases. Most MTM pistol cases are made in the USA. They have 2 snap close latches and have 2 padlock receptacle holes for you own supplied locks. The MTM handgun cases have egg carton foam inside for protection of your firearm. Most feature a full length piano style hinge. Examples include the model 805-40 single handgun case with inside dimensions of 9.75″ x 5.75″ x 2.8″ for under $7 at the time of this post. Another popular size is the Double Handgun case model 807-40 for under $15.

Another great choice is the Plano Gun Guard Handgun & Pistol Case for $8.99.Most Plano gun cases are also made in the USA and feature replaceable snap closures and one padlock receptacle for security. Egg carton foam inside helps protect your firearm.

All of these cases are ideal for home storage, carrying to the range and may even be an inexpensive choice if flying once or twice. If you plane to fly more often or are expecting more severe usage it is advisable to purchase a higher end gun case. Explore Products has one of the largest selection of in-stock cases available at