Why Aluminum Handgun Cases Over Other Choices

There are many gun cases on the market today. The consumer is left with many choices when buying a handgun case. Aluminum, plastic, composite and soft gun cases are among some of the choices. So why choose an aluminum handgun case?

If you are simply storing a handgun or transporting it to the shooting range, then a simple soft handgun case will probably suffice for most gun case purchasers. But if you plan on flying, or simply need a more rugged option for storing your pistol, then we recommend looking at an aluminum handgun case, Aluminum gun cases tend to be higher priced than other choices. But the durability of a metal case over other options can’t be beat.

The Kalispel Style of aluminum gun cases is a great example of quality and durability. These handgun cases are made out of 0.080″ thick aircraft grade aluminum. These cases are made in the USA, and feature a lifetime warranty. These are the thickest aluminum cases on the market, with most cheaper aluminum cases being made out of 0.063″ aluminum, and made in China. The Kalispel Style cases have welded corners which, if you think about it, means the case material is extra thick (try welding an aluminum pop can). The durability of the aluminum case won’t change with temperature or other environmental factors. And the case may show scratches and dents over time, but will withstand extra abuse when being handled by others and still protect your handgun.

The Kalispel Style aluminum handgun cases also feature heavy duty metal hinges that would not be possible on a plastic case. And the rivets are sealed to keep out moisture. Stainless steel latches and a stainless steel locking rod also keep out unwanted visitors. Plus extra dense interior flat foam keeps your pistols where you put them, and prevent them from sliding around.

Kalispel Style handgun cases are available exclusively from Explore Products. Sizes include 15″ x 10″, 18″ x 13″, 24″ x 14″, and 26″ x 17″, with the depth being 4.5″ on all four sizes.

Extra thick durable material, made in the USA, and a lifetime warranty are some of the reasons to choose a Kalispel Style handgun case. But the durability of aluminum construction simply can’t be beat by other styles of gun cases.