Weatherproof Gun Cases – Are they Worth The Money?

When it comes to storing a gun or traveling with a firearm, many people wonder if a weatherproof gun case is worth the money? The answer depends on what type of conditions you will be facing, and how valuable your gun is worth.

Most gun owners store their guns in the basement of their home. A typical basement is high in humidity and poor in circulation. A gun stored in this condition will suffer from corrosion, and in some cases, wood damage to the stock over time. A weather proof gun case would be a good option for storing a gun in this condition. What makes a gun case weatherproof is an O-ring seal to keep out moisture and dust. If you store a gun in a weatherproof gun case, it is still very important to keep a desiccant in the gun case. This is because any moisture in the air that gets closed in with the gun when the case is sealed will still cause corrosion to your firearm. The O-ring on the case only keeps new moisture from getting in, it does nothing to remove existing moisture. So keep all of the little desiccantpacks that you get when buying electronics, etc. and throw them in your gun case to absorb moisture.

When traveling with a gun, a weather resistant gun case also makes a lot of sense. A typical planes baggage compartment is unpressurized. This means that the temperature will fall from the surface temp at the airport, to temperatures that can be below freezing once the plane reaches altitude. Any moisture in the air will condense out and lay on the surface of the firearm. A weather resistant gun case will keep new moisture from entering the case during the flight, and reduce damage to the gun. Also, if you have ever seen a plane being loaded in the rain, you can see the obvious reason why you would not want your gun in a case that doesn’t keep out moisture.

Several good weather resistant gun cases on the market are the Plano All Weather series, and the SKB Gun Case product line. Both of these series of gun cases have rubber O-rings to keep out dust and moisture. Plus the molded construction allows the gun case to flex keeping the O-ring seal touching the flange of the case to assure a tight seal. Some of the smaller gun cases seal so well that a pressure relief valve is required to make it easier to open the gun case.

If you plan to travel with your gun, or simply need to store it in a safe manor, Explore Products has experts available to help you choose which gun case will best suit your needs. Happy hunting and safe shooting.