ATV Tek – Excellent UTV and ATV Products You May Not Know About

Lets face it – if you have an ATV or UTV, there are endless varieties of accessories you can use to increase the functionality of your 4 wheeler, or simply trick it out. One brand of ATV/UTV accessories that you not be familiar with is ATV Tek. This company is owned by riders who believe in creating quality products that will last more than the life of your machine. And they have some unique items that the other brands have ignored.

For the UTV enthusiast, check out ATV Tek’s side mirrors. The Clearview UTV Side Mirror is easy to install. And the convex shape enhances field of view while the integrated vibration dampener reduces vibration and increases visibility as you head down the bumpy trail! Four way adjustibility, and a “break-away” feature for collisions make this mirror a better option than other brands. Stop craning your neck around to see what is behind you. Get a pair for best visibility.

A unique item for ATV Tek is their Pro Series Rider Dust Mack. Lets face it, you didn’t buy a UTV or ATV to ride on a paved road. And when you go off road you are inevitably going to be eating a lot of dust. The Pro Dust Mask filter blocks up to 99.9% of dust particulates. And the one way exhaust valves regulate heat, CO2 and water vapor. The mask is made from breathable, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric specially designed to be worn with all open and closed faced helmets and goggles for all-day comfort.

Keep your GPS and other handheld devices secure with the FlexFit ATV / UTV Handheld mount from ATV Tek. The fully-adjustable cradle rotates 360 degrees, and has 180 degrees of tilt to ensure your handheld is facing the direction you want it. A UTV dash mount, bar mount and ATV bar/rack mount is included for flexibility. The handheld is protected in a rubber cradle with rubber securing straps to keep it safe.

ATV Tek also makes a full series of gun mounts, luggage, and other UTV and ATV accessories. You can find the full line of ATV Tek as well as other brands of UTV accessories at Explore Products.