SKB Breakdown Shotgun Cases – Unique Designs And Superior Protection

If traveling with a breakdown shotgun, or if you simply want a great breakdown shotgun case for storage, we recommend the SKB Breakdown Shotgun Cases. The SKB gun case line is made in the USA and most have lifetime warranties on the gun case. They also feature a $1500 content protection warranty that will cover damage to your firearm if it occurs in the SKB gun case. For breakdown shotgun cases, SKB has several convenient sizes.

The SKB 3i-3614-CB Watertight Custom Breakdown case accommodates shotguns with two barrels and one receiver up to 35”. The custom molded interior is a nice option over most breakdown gun cases that only have foam, and nothing to keep you gun components in their respective positions. There are pockets for the barrels, receiver, and also extra spots for choke tubes and other accessories. The case measures 36.5” L x 14.5” W x 5.5” D, and will fit most standard breakdown shotgun configurations.

For traveling with two shotguns, the SKB 3i-3614-CB-D MIL-STD Watertight Injection Molded Double Custom Breakdown Case has a custom molded interior that will fit two barrels and two receivers. The case has the same 36.5” L x 14.5” W x 5.5” D dimensions as the single receiver model.

An older style SKB breakdown case is the 2SKB-320B. This case features a more ridged interior molded to fit most popular breakdown shotguns, and has a green plush fabric liner. The case is not as forgiving on the interior to fit non-standard guns or barrel lengths, but is a more compact 32″ x 9″ x 5″ size.

A final variation is the 2SKB-3209 Custom Skeet Breakdown Shotgun Case. The case has the same bottom molded interior as the 2SKB-3209B, but also features 6 skeet barrel inserts in separate lid compartment. This is one of only a few gun cases that offer the skeet insert feature.

No matter which SKB breakdown shotgun case you purchase, you can rest assured that your gun will be protected – even when flying.