What Is The Best Type Of Foam In A Gun Case

We are often asked what is the best type of foam in a gun case – egg carton style or flat foam? This is actually more a question of foam quality and gun case quality, rather than the type of foam itself. Most high end gun cases have a higher quality of foam over cheaper cases. You would not have a cheap gun case with expensive foam, nor would you typically have cheap foam in an expensive gun case. Gun cases brands such as SKB and Kalispel typically have higher quality foam to give your firearm the protection it needs. Where as mid grade cases such as Guardforce offer egg carton style foam to help keep the case price more affordable.

The foam in a gun case serves two purposes. It protects the gun from impact damage. And it also serves to keep the guns in place so that they do not slide around and rub into each other, or the side of the gun case. Cheaper gun cases tend to have egg carton or convoluted style foam to try and create pressure points to keep the gun in place. Some cheaper to mid grade gun cases also have Velcro straps to help keep the gun from sliding around. These straps may create wear spots on your guns finish over time.

Most higher end gun cases such as SKB and Kalispel tend to have higher compression foam. This acts to not only better protect the firearm form impact, but also helps put more surface pressure on the gun to keep it from sliding around. Some SKB gun cases even have molded interiors to prevent the gun from moving in the case. Where as Kalispel Style gun cases have high compression flat foam. This puts even pressure along the entire length of the gun, and almost insures that the gun will stay put in the gun case. Egg Carton style foam looks like the inside of an egg carton with ridges and valleys. This type of foam can never achieve as much pressure on the gun as flat foam since it only comes in contact with the gun at the tip of each point. Another benefit of flat foam is that it is typically in layers so it can be custom cut for your specific gun if you so desire.

In summary, flat foam typically will better protect your gun by preventing movement in the gun case.  And usually this type of foam is found in better quality gun cases that feature thicker wall construction, and durability. So in our opinion flat foam is the better choice if you can afford the case that it comes in. Explore Products personnel can help you select the best quality gun case for the money for what ever type of application you need.