Practice Safety this Hunting Season

imgresFall is just around the corner, and for hunters, this marks the beginning of big game hunting season in most states. In addition to all of the hunting gear you will need, you will need the knowledge to make your hunting trip a safe one. Your safety, the safety of those around you and proper gun and bow usage are all factors to consider. Whether you are quail hunting or bowhunting for big game, safety is always the top priority.

According to, one of the single biggest ways to reduce the risk of hunting accidents is to undergo certification. Though this is not a requirement in most states, it is highly recommended. Every state has different requirements. Minnesota residents are actually required to pass a hunting education course, unless they have previously had a hunting license. This course contains information on how to safely operate, clean and maintain a firearm.

Another way to avoid hunting accidents is to follow the four basic rules of proper gun use. The first of these is to assume that every gun you handle is loaded. Even experienced hunters can make mistakes. This is one of the easiest and most serious mistakes to make. Debris can get lodged in the barrel, so no matter how sure you are never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to fire at. This is the second rule of firearm safety. Thirdly, you should always keep your hands off of the trigger and trigger guard unless you are prepared to fire. And, finally, you need to be completely aware of what you are firing at, including what is beyond your target.

One of the biggest causes of hunting accidents, even for experienced hunters, are mechanical failures, which can happen no matter how well you know your firearms. According to Robert Richardson of Off the Grid Survival, mechanical failures are inevitable, but you need to at least know how to handle them. Knowing the gun parts, gunsmith tools, and other hunting gear you are working with is one of the best ways to keep yourself and those around you safe from harm.

Finally, though the mechanics behind it are different, bowhunting has the potential to be just as dangerous as hunting with a firearm if you are not smart and careful. From your bow case to your bow, you need to know the equipment you are utilizing. Just like a firearm, you should never aim a bow until you are certain of your target. Arrows can travel up to 200 hundred miles per hour, when fired from a compound bow. Hunting is one of the most rewarding American pastimes, but you need to always practice safety and respect for the hunting equipment and those around you.



The Five Essential Type Of Hunting Equipment Every Hunter Needs

imgresHunting requires a lot of preparation on behalf of the hunter as well as having the appropriate equipment in order to ensure a successful hunting experience. While there are thousands of different items, the following list contains the five essential types of hunting equipment that any hunter needs to succeed:

  1. Scent Blockers: A deer’s survival depends on its sense of smell. In fact, the lack of a scent blocker is a recipe for failure when hunting deer. They can easily spot the smell of a human being and run away before the hunter has the time to shoot. The most effective way to tackle this situation is to use more than one type of scent blocker when going hunting. There are many types of scent products ranging from vitamins, deodorants, hunter clothing that doesn’t let the human scent escape for deer to smell.
  2. Survivor Tactical Backpack: It doesn’t matter how much equipment a hunter owns if he isn’t able to carry it with ease when in the woods. In order to solve this problem, a hunter can make use of a survivor tactical backpack which contains outside pockets. He or she can organize equipment accordingly so that it is easily accessible. Elastic bands as well as additional loading straps will allow him to carry virtually anything he will need in his hunt. The hunter may also pass hours waiting for the perfect shot, so a backpack that allows for the carrying of hydration equipment is always a preferred option.
  3. Binoculars: Another crucial component of hunting equipment is having high-quality binoculars. While there are many types of binoculars, ED binoculars are the binoculars of choice when it comes to hunting. ED glass allows the image to be sharper. It provides a better color resolution which gives the hunter a better view of the target as well as the distance between them. Results are more accurate shots, increasing chances of a successful hunt. Ergonomic designs are always sought after since the hunter normally will be spending a large amount of time looking through them at its target.
  4. Ear muffs: Probably the most important thing to have is ear protection. Ear muffs offer the hunter protection against the sound of shooting which he will be hearing multiple times throughout his hunting days. Ear muffs with noise reduction of NRR 26dB are just what is needed. Sometimes ear muffs are sold in combos with safety glasses so you can “kill two birds with one shot”.
  5. Gun cases: There are varying sizes for gun cases, almost all of them range from 40 to 48 inches. Therefore, you will have to be aware of the size of the rifle before purchasing a rifle case in which it will fit. There are many designs and styles available giving you many options depending on your preferences. Keeping your gun away from moisture as much as possible is very important to the life and safety of your gun. Rusted barrels can cause accidents to happen.

What You Need This Hunting Season

imgresLike any hobby, hunting has its own particular set of must have items. In order to make this a great hunting season, it is important to make sure you have all of your equipment ready and checked long before opening day rolls around. Upgrading these items is essential to safety. Explore Products offers a large range of hunting gear and gunsmith products to make this your best hunting season ever. Here is a rundown of some basic deer hunting equipment that every hunting enthusiasts should have on hand. Items such as gun cases, bow cases or gun parts can become worn over time.


Having a good-quality set of binoculars not only gives you an edge when it comes to locating deer during a hunt, but in some cases can even help you maintain your safety. Binoculars can help you spot landmarks should you get lost and can also help you spot other hunters so you can be sure to keep at a safe distance.

Tactical Pack

Each individual will have their own set of gear they feel is essential to any hunt. Regardless of what it is you feel you must take with you, it can all be neatly and securely packed into a tactical pack. Tactical packs are designed to withstand the abuse of outdoor use and moisture exposure. They are built of strong, yet light-weight material in order to make them durable and easy to carry.


Heading out pre-dawn conditions can make it essential to have adequate lighting in flashlights and headlamps. These products can also be essential to survival should you get lost during your hunt. Flashlights should be durable and have long battery life. Be sure to bring additional batteries as well for emergencies.


Clothing for the hunting season can be both fun to purchase as well as crucial to your hunting success. Most clothing designed for hunting is designed to camouflage you in the wild from sight of the deer, however, scent blocking clothing can also help you camouflage your scent as well.

Deer Hunting Gear: What Not to Take

images-1Everyone knows an amateur hunter. He’s the one who can’t stop talking about the big hunt coming up, and he’s easy to spot because of the excessive hunting gear hanging off his super daypack. If you meet up with this tenderfoot before he’s had time to become properly seasoned, do him a big favor by sharing these hunting gear tips.

Navigation Device

When you’re in the woods, it’s important to know where you are and which direction you’re heading. A sturdy, waterproof map of your hunting area coupled with an easy-to-use compass are your best bets. What’s not needed is a complicated handheld GPS that features noisy buttons, the ability to shoot video, and a screen that’s useless in bright sunlight. Some gadgets are nice to tote along, but avoid the ones that make unnecessary noise and that are tricky to adjust.

Field-Dressing Knife

A good field-dressing knife is a necessity in any hunting gear. A short one made of quality steel and featuring a drop-point blade is perfect. What you don’t need is a bulky blade that features a gut hook or one that’s crafted from cheap metal. Too much or too little of a good thing can actually become more of a hindrance than an asset when it’s time to dress your buck.

Hydration Gear

An easy-to-use hydration bladder that tucks into your pack or your vest is a great choice for staying hydrated when you’re in the woods. What you don’t need to bring along is a clunky, oversized water bottle that’s awkward to tote and requires too much movement to use. Stopping to mess with your water bottle when there’s a buck hiding nearby is a perfect way to spook the animal. Ruining what might have otherwise made a great campfire story.

Shooting Aids

Small sandbags are perfect tools for steadying your rifle when there’s no fallen log or boulder nearby. But leave the rifle bipods & monopods behind. These require time to set up properly, and it’s important to maintain your mobility when hunting. has the hunting gear you need to help you bag that trophy buck this season. Whether you’re an experienced veteran, or you’re a newbie looking to make your first kill, we have what you need to make your day in the woods comfortable, profitable and safe.

Gun Repair & Cleaning Tools You Can’t Do Without

imgresA few gun repair tools you can’t do without.

Keeping your gun in great shape is a major goal for any gun enthusiast, but there are a few tools you’ll need to keep it working properly. With this being said, here’s a look at some important tools you’ll need to not only keep your gun looking great, but working like you’re pulling the trigger for the first time.

Gun Cleaning Kit: A gun cleaning kit is essential, as you must clean your gun after you go to the range. A gun cleaning kit often consists of lube, solvent, a rod, a jag, a patch holder and patches. However, you may need other supplies such as:

  • A toothbrush
  • Q-tips
  • Cleaning rags
  • Pipe cleaners

These additions only help you clean your gun thoroughly, but are not absolutely necessary. Now that your gun is clean, here are a few items you’ll need for repair.

A Vise/Bench Block: In order to work on the gun, you’re going to need something sturdy to keep it in place. A small bench vise is more than enough to get the job done, as upgrading what you have is easy as purchasing non-marring jaws that say in place with magnets. Some guns have blocks made to keep them in place so less time is spent adjusting the gun and more time is spent on maintenance. A bench block can come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of keeping your gun in place during repair. The holes in bench blocks allow pins to drop through, which adds a lot of convenience during gun repair. The main reason for keeping a gun in place to avoid damage to the sensitive parts of the gun. Damage to the gun during repair which can lead to very dangerous worst case scenarios such as a gun being broken or the gun harming the person shooting with the faulty device.   

A Nylon/Brass Hammer: These hammers offers the hard and soft blows needed for gun repair. The brass end is reserved for strong blows and the nylon end is for a soft whack when getting a piece in place.

A Pin Punch: A pin punch is exactly what you’ll need for knocking pins in or out of place. Combining a pin punch along with a nylon/brass hammer, you should have no problem working with tricky pins.

Gunsmith Screwdrivers: Before operating on your gun, keep in mind that general tools that aren’t made for guns can easily destroy your product. However, Gunsmith screwdrivers have been made to specifically fix guns and keep them operating great.

Considering the information above, it’s important to purchase the right tools to keep your gun working and looking great. Thankfully, Explore Products is here to assist you with keeping your gun in tip-top shape. With a highly trained staff and the extensive resources, Explore Products will meet your hunting needs.

Picking the Right Hunting Ammo

imgres-2If you’ve gone to a hunting camp more than once, you’ve probably heard a few disagreements about what rifle caliber or shotgun gauge is best for hunting. The truth is, there is a bit of truth to all of those debates. This article should help you pick the right hunting ammo for your shotgun or rifle for your next hunting trip.

It’s Not Just About Bore Diameter

The main argument around the campfire is whether or not higher caliber bullets and bigger gauges have better “killing power”. The fact is, a 20 gauge is smaller than a 12 gauge, and that a .277 caliber is smaller than .308, which is smaller than .338 caliber, but is bigger really always better? Technically, no. The chamber length and bore diameter is not as important as the ammo you choose in relation to the environment you are in (i.e., terrain, topography, density of brush, etc), the size of the animal you’re hunting, and the distance you’re shooting your target from. Those are the variables you need to consider when choosing ammo for your hunting trip.

Having the right bullet is extremely important.  What may work for shooting down an antelope at 300 yards may not work as well for shooting a wild hog in dense brush at 25 yards. The best option for shooting thin-skinned animals are lighter caliber bullets that travel at a higher velocity. Grain polymer tipped bullets are a great option because they can be shot at a velocity of more than 2,900 ft. per second and open rapidly on impact. A hunter would have no problem hitting a blacktail, pronghorn, or mule deer from 300 yards away. When shooting elk a hunter may be better off with higher caliber bullets, which may be slower, but will take the elk down quickly. When it comes to hunting African plains game many hunters advise heavy, slow, long bullets to shoot past the thick brush. However, other hunters prefer faster bullets to shoot in the open terrain and make a longer shot. Some parts of California require hunters to use lead-free ammo, which have a reputation for excellent performance and accuracy.

Bird Hunting

When it comes to choosing ammo for bird hunting, there can be just as many options. There’s truly no one bullet type that works best for every bird. In order to select ammo at a size that will be effective a hunter needs to pack bullets that have enough power for the smallest and biggest bird they are hunting, as well as determine how he or she will be hunting (ie. hunting with decoys or shooting long-range). Shooting at a quail, for example, requires a bullet that has suitable pattern densities and can retain energy better. Turkeys, on the other hand, need small ammo in order to shoot their heads, but dense enough and with enough energy to kill it from 40 yards away.

The best way to determine the right hunting ammo is to consider where you are hunting, what game you are targeting, and your range. This will ensure that you take the right ammo to take down your targets effectively.

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7 Tips To Help Expand Your Gunsmith Equipment Business?


  1. images-2First impression

If a customer does not find a business appealing, then he would not proceed to buy anything from that very shop. In order to reel in more customers, a gunsmith business should have a regularly updated and user-friendly website along with a clean and attractive looking shop. Having a well-working shop and website is needed to create a great impression on a customer.

  1. Get Identified

If a gunsmith business has a shop which is decorated with the appropriate decoration and hoardings, then a passer-by will be able to tell that the shop sells products and services related to gun. This will help the potential customer to identify your shop as now they will know that it is not just a random shop, but a gunsmith shop which they were looking for or were in need of.

  1. Advertise properly

Many businesses skip this part or do not invest that much when it comes to advertising. And this is the main reason why most of these gunsmith equipment shops are not able to increase their businesses. So, it is advised that a business should advertise on radio, television, local events and other such places to boost the sale by getting more customers.

  1. Social Media

Taking help of Social media is one of the fastest and probably the cheapest ways to promote a gunsmith business. From drawing in more customers to keeping in touch with existing customers to advertising the shop or any special event or offer can be done quite easily with the help of any one of the popular social media sites.

  1. Gun Shows

One of the best ways to increase a gunsmith business will be by opening a booth in a Gun show and displaying the business’s products and services there. A gun show is attended by people who are interested in that particular business. So, in a gun show, a business will be able to earn extra money there and will also gain some new customers.

  1. Spotlight on the uniqueness

Every business has something unique about them. Advertising that special feature to customers helps to reel them in. It also helps to built trust among the customers who wants that particular thing that the business can provide. Thus, it is very important for a business to find a product or a service that the business excels in.

  1. Excellent customer service

Providing an excellent customer service is very important for gunsmith business and also for any other type of business. A business can only receive loyal customers if they can provide a great service to them. Besides this, existing customers refer to new potential customer about the business which has been providing them with a quick and qualified customer service.

So, these were some of the tips that will help a gunsmith equipment shop or  any other type of business to increase their customer base.


Outdoor living: All you should know

imagesShopping for outdoor gear can be difficult without having the right information. For fishing and hunting enthusiasts, here are some outdoor gear options and hunting equipment for the season.

The Scents under the seat air freshener

To deal with those unpleasant odors, the scents under the seat air freshener come in handy. This under the seat air freshener is available in a wide variety of flavors, from vanilla and wild berry, to strawberry, citrus zest and ocean breeze. It is also widely available across various DIY stores and retailers in the country.

Hutchwilco Lifejacket

Although characterized as low profile, this pro spec 170N lifejacket offers up to two times the buoyancy of the typical lifejacket, only without the added bulk. The jacket offers the options for both manual or automatic inflation, and the additional safety crotch trap when sailing offshore.

The sage salt fly rod

The sage salt fly-rod comes in 12 models, ranging from five to 16 weights. Information about authorized sage dealers can be found online.

The coghlan’s power

The Coghlan’s power pack is a portable power source, which can be charged either through USB, solar or dynamo cranking.


The Loon Neck vest Lanyard 5 neck vest comes with a comfortable neck portion made of foam, tippet holders, nippers, a bottom’s up caddy and hot box that keeps the day’s flies close by and accessible.

Domain fly reel

Saltwater angling has tough demands, and the Sage domain fly reel series offers the perfect solution. It comes in 12 models, from a weight range of five all the way to 16.

Extreme food

Good food makes for good camping, and with this book, one can make the best campfire meals. With Extreme food, Bear Grylls teaches the reader how to make tasty food in the wild using campfires. This book is available at RRP $37.99.

The Scott Tidal

Another possible fly-rod option is the Scott Tidal. These saltwater fly-rods combine affordability, form and functionality, and are available from No.7 through to No. 12. They come with a lifetime warranty.

The Tasmanian tiger tactical gear

The German company Tatonka also weighs in with the very best in outdoor tactical gear. Dubbed the Tasmanian tiger gear, this tactical gear utilizes the excellence of German engineering to produce the tough fabric required for the rigorous job of a serviceman. The company also provides a wide range of pouches, belts, bags and shooting vests.

The blaser F3 vantage gun

For the hunter, the blaser F3 vantage gun is guaranteed to meet their needs. It comes in different variations, both right and left hand, all with a ten year warranty from the manufacturer. You can find a qualified Blaser dealer and buy one.

The versamax

For those who prefer auto loading shotguns, the versamax left hand gun is available at RRP $2899. It has synthetic stock, grey over moulded grips at the fore end and an enlarged trigger guard. It also comes with a larger safety that is easy to use with gloves and a self-cleaning mechanism. It can recycle 12 gauge rounds reliably and has a reduction coil equivalent to a 20 gauge.

For more information on hunting equipment and firearms, contact the experts at Explore Products today.

Must-Know Facts Every Gun Owner Needs To Know


  1. imgresIn the last 20 years the percentage of gun sales are at a all time high but crimes with gun are down by 69%. Even homicides with any type of guns are also down by 39%.
  2. From 1950 every mass shooting cases that took place in America were all in places which had strict gun control laws.
  3. According to a study published in the eminent Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy it was seen that nations with more guns had less crime.
  4. America is 28th in the world when it comes to murders with guns per 100000 people and America happens to be 1st in the world in guns and gun cases ownership.
  5. The 9 European nations with low rate of gun ownership have a high rate of murder. In fact, the combined murder rate of these nations is 3 times greater than the 9 nations of Europe that have the highest rate of ownership of guns.
  6. Between 1991 and 2011, it was discovered that the number of gun fatalities that were unintentional went down by 58%.
  7. In America, guns are used 80 times more often to stop any sort of crime than for murder.
  8. Every year around 200000 American women use guns to prevent sexual crimes committed against them.
  9. In America the violent crime rate became 386.3 per 100000 people in 2011 when in the year 1992 it was 757.7 per 100000. Similarly, the murder rate became 4.7 per 100000 people in 2011 which was 9.3 per 100000 people in 1992.
  10. UK has a strict ban on guns. But compared to America, the violent crime rate of UK happens to be 4 time higher. Besides this, UK has the 2nd highest crime rate and 4th highest burglary rate in the EU. Here, it should also be mentioned that UK has 125% (approx.) more rape victims and 133% (approx.) more assault victims per 100000 people every year compared to America.
  11. During the 20th century governments of the world have slaughtered more than 170 million of their people. Before slaughtering them the government disarmed a vast number of their own people.
  12. Kennesaw of Georgia enjoyed a dropped crime rate by 50% and burglaries rate by 89% after the law which required every home to own a gun was passed.
  13. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in America but this city is not at all safe as it is considered as the deadliest city of the world.
  14. After guns were banned in Australia the rate of gun murders was increased by 19% and armed robberies was increased by 69%.

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6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying A Firearm For The First Time

images-1A new firearm user is likely to be apprehensive about buying a gun from a firearm shop. The task is a more daunting one if there is no one to advise him/her about finding the most suitable one. A gun shop sports many varieties of guns and it becomes difficult to select a gun and a gun case if the buyer is not familiar with related terminology such as kickback or caliber. This article aims to list six tips that buyers can track when making their first gun purchase.

Be Clear About the Intention

It is important that the buyer knows the reason for buying the firearm clearly. The firearm may be bought either for the purpose of self-defense or to improve shooting skills. Larry Bell, Forbes contributor, once wrote that he decided to buy a gun only to protect his family and loved ones and would not hesitate to use it if his family was in danger.

Take a Basic Training Course in Firearm Use

This is an important point to be in kept in mind before making a firearm purchase. Whatever the reason for the purchase of the gun: self-defense, safety, hunting, or just to be kept in a gun case, it is important to take a training course. Larry Bell goes to say that a firearm training course will familiarize the buyer with basic safety protocols and instill some skills to use the gun. He opines that handling or firing a gun for the first time is not as intimidating as it is imagined to be. A hands-on course helps the buyer-to-be to use different gun models and also to get some tips from the training experts.

Buy a Gun that Suits Body Size and Stature

It is critical to use a gun that suits the user’s body size and stature. Otherwise, gun control and operation turns out to be problem. According to Michael Zimmers (of ScopedIn) factors that determine the handgun’s size include the frame, barrel and grip, the last one being minor. Different gun brands have frames of different sizes which account for the different feel experienced when handling them. As an example, S&W has five different frame sizes. A buyer may have to try different sizes before finding a suitable one.

Choose The Right Handgun

It is also important to make a clear choice as to which handgun to buy, Zimmers adds, a revolver or a semi-automatic gun. Revolvers are simple-to-use machines that are easier to load and are less prone to errors. However, these handguns have a higher chance of malfunctioning. Whether to keep a gun loaded at all times is another factor to be considered. Loading a revolver is time consuming and may not work in an emergency. Keeping a loaded gun may not be comfortable to some users and laws of the land may also not permit it. In such a case, it is a good idea to choose an auto-loader. It also important to include the loading routine as part of the training program/range time, he opines.

Never Let Cost Be the Deciding Factor

Bell cautions against buying a gun just because it is cheap. It is always safer to buy well-known brands. If the chosen gun is a second-hand one, then it should be checked by a competent gunsmith before you shoot with it. This is to ensure that that the firearm is safe to be purchased and used. For a newbie, it is always better to buy a brand new gun.

Practice Diligently

Once a gun has been bought, it is important to practice using the gun regularly to become competent in its usage. Reaction times have to iimages-1mprove and quick unfazed action when under stress is very critical, Bell says. Small and lightweight guns do not have smooth recoil nor are they accurate. So are the short-barreled (with a modest caliber) ones. A threshold period is required for a majority of the guns before they can start to function dependably. It is also to be noted that some guns function most reliably with specific brands of ammunition.

It is a good idea to seek the advice of experts and experienced firearm users at the practicing range and within your circles before purchasing a gun and a gun case for the very first time.