Three (3) Gun Competition Gun Cases

Three (3) gun shooting has gained popularity in recent years. This is a shooting competition where competitors shoot with a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun. Competitors have had trouble in the past finding a gun case that can not only hold these three types of firearms, but hearing protection and other shooting accessories as well. There have been several gun cases that solve this problem.

SKB has released their 3 Gun Competition Gun Case model 3i-5014-3G. This injection molded, watertight gun case features a custom foam insert that allows the three-gun competitor or shooter to travel without handling multiple cases. The gun case features a heavy duty 2 lb. density closed cell foam with a re-enforced rigid multi-layer divider. Plus there are six roomy accessory cavities for shells, eye and ear protection or a cleaning cloth. Please be aware that you can not fly with ammunition in the same case as guns. This three gun case is made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, plus $1500 protection on the guns them selves if they were to get damaged in the gun case.

Another option for 3 gun shooters is the Plano All Weather double rifle / shotgun case. Though this case does not have a custom interior, competitors can place a rifle in one layer, and a shotgun and handgun in a second layer of the case. This gun case is perfect for new competitors since the price is more mid grade, which helps when starting out in this sport. The Plano All Weather series gun cases are waterproof, and have padlock receptacles to lock the gun case for air travel. You would probably want to keep your handgun in a separate soft gun or gun sock within the Plano case to keep it from rubbing into the rifle or shotgun.

When choosing a three gun case, be sure to consider your overall involvement i the sport, which will help you decide what level of investment you want to put into the gun case. Also, if you haven’t been competing very long, you may change firearms several times before finding a gun set that fits your style. Be sure to pick a gun case that can accommodate these changes.

I Need A Bow Case For My Mathews Helim Bow

Obviously the most important piece of equipment for a bow hunter is the bow itself. Today’s modern parallel limb bows offer better performance than the older compound bow designs. But, most bow cases for compound bows will not fit a parallel limb bow.  Parallel limb bows tend to be wider than the older style bows, so you need a bow case specifically designed for this type of bow.

the Mathews Helim bow has become very popular with bow hunters. There are several very good quality hard bow cases that will fit the Mathews Helim. SKB makes a parallel limb bow case model 3i-3614-PL. This bow case features a custom foam insert for secure positioning and cushioning of your Mathews Helim. The bow case also features a water-jet cut foam arrow system that holds up to a dozen arrows. SKB bow cases are made in the USA, and have a lifetime warranty on the case. Most SKB bow cases also have $1500 content protection on your Mathews Helim if it was to get damaged in the 3i-361-PL bow case. No other bow case company believes in their products enough to offer a content protection policy like this. The 3i-3614-PL bow case also has a rubber O-ring to keep out moisture, and are impervious to scratches and petroleum products.

If you are looking for a budget priced hard bow case for your Mathews Helim, the SKB Hunter Series Parallel Limb Bow Case model 2SKB-4117 is a good option. Though this hard bow case does not have the lifetime warranty and $1500 content protection features that the 3i-3614-PL case offers, it is still a durable option for most bow hunters who do not plan to regularly fly with their bow on hunting trips. This bow case features a rigid shaped ABS shell with a plush lined EPS insert for maximum impact resistance and new state of the art water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system that will accommodate up to a dozen arrows.

No matter which bow case you choose for your Mathews Helim, you can be assured that the pros at Explore Products can help guide you in determining which parallel limb bow case will best suit your needs.

Sometimes You Need More Than A Handgun Case

There are times when you go to the gun range or out hunting that you need more than a handgun case. If you want to carry not only a handgun, but extra mags, hearing protection, etc, then the best option is to purchase a range bag. Range bags usually have room for one or more handguns, plus there are plenty of pockets and pouches to organize and carry your other essential shooting items.

Some of our favorite range bags are made by Allen Products. They have many different models starting with the more basic Allen Shooters Carry-All Range Bag model 2202 which has two removable handgun pouches, plus an external pocket for some smaller accessories. The next step up is the Allen Rangemaster Shooting Bag model 2204. This range bag features two removable handgun rugs, plus four exterior pockets for organizing your extra shooting gear. Allen’s top of the line range bag is the Master Tactical Range Bag model 1079. This beast of a bag has a 18″ x 9″ x 9″ main compartment, a 16″ x 9″ x 2″ side compartment, a 7″ x 8″ x 2″ end pocket with ID tag, two side pockets 7″ x 8″ x 2″ each, one 8″ x 5″ end pocket with loop for flashlight, etc., an external water bottle pocket (bottle not included), a removable bag for spent shell casings and a removable 13″ x 7″ handgun case. The Master Tactical also has a removable ammo carry case and a padded shoulder strap. This range bag is large so it can get heavy once all of your gear is in it. But the ample storage space gives you plenty of options for sorting your gear.

Another high quality range bag is made by Champion Shooting Sports. Their model 40408 has plenty of external and internal pockets for you shooting accessories. Plus you can carry several handguns comfortably in this bag. The two-tone exterior is also attractive and resists dirt.

There are also several range bags branded under Smith & Wesson M&P. An example is the Smith & Wesson M&P Active-Duty Equipment Bag Active-Duty Equipment Bag, and the Smith & Wesson Performance Range Bag. Both feature lots of storage, and have the Smith & Wesson M&P logos embroidered on the bags. These are excellent bags for not only sportsmen, but also fill most tactical requirements as well.

No matter which brand of range bag you choose, you will have more room than a standard handgun case for carrying you pistols plus other stuff needed to make your trip to the range fun.


I Need A Remington Gun Case For My Shotgun

There are many different Remington shotgun cases available for your 870, 11-87 or other Remington shotguns. Most hunters select a soft Remington gun case for hunting trips, or going to the trap range. This article talks about some of the Remington shotgun cases available.

One of the most basic Remington shotgun case is the 52″ model 18610. This soft gun case features 7/8″ of foam padding for your shotgun, and fits Remington shotguns up to 52″ long. Most Remington 870 and 11-87 models have an overall length under 52″ so should have no problem fitting. This gun case is a basic style with out a lot of extra pockets, etc.

If you prefer more features on your Remington gun case, take a look at the 18966 soft Remington gun case. This shotgun case is 52″ long as well, but comes with a built-in sling for easy transport in the field. The case also has 1″ of foam padding to protect your gun, as well as external pockets to carry extra accessories like choke tubes, etc. And, the durable Endura fabric will hold up to years of dependable use.

Finally if you prefer a camo Remington shotgun case, the 18606 52″ long soft case has 7/8″ of foam padding. This Remington gun case features Realtree APG HD camo with black accents for a great look. There are no extra pockets or other accessories, just a dependable Remington gun case for your shotgun.

If your Remington shotgun is 46″ or has a riflescope, you may want to look at the Remington soft rifle cases. These tend to be shorter in length, but have more room for a rifle scope. Shotgun slug hunters may find that this is a better fit for their gun than the traditional soft shotgun cases.

Why Buy A Metal Gun Case?

There are many different types of gun cases on the market. These range from soft cases, generally made from fabric, to hard cases. Hard gun cases fall into several different categories based on the type of material they are made from. Hard gun cases can be made from a molded plastic material ranging from polyester to ABS. Examples of plastic or molded gun cases are SKB gun cases and Plano gun cases. Hard gun cases can also be made from composite materials or plywood type cores, similar to the Guardforce Classic series of gun cases. Finally, gun cases can be made out of metal. Usually this is aluminum due to the weight saving.

Metal gun cases generally offer a more durable product when compared to the other styles of gun cases. Metal gun cases, like the Kalispel Style gun cases, are a more classic look, and metal offers more protection since it doesn’t flex as much as plastic gun cases. The downside of a metal gun case is price, weight, and metal gun cases can dent or scratch more easily than a plastic gun case.

One thing to consider when comparing one aluminum gun case to another is the thickness of the material. Most aluminum gun cases are made from 0.063″ thick aluminum, or thinner. This is because of the material savings offered to the manufacturer. These type of cases tend to be made over seas, and the overall construction is of lesser quality, since they are trying to compete on price. The Kalispel Style gun cases are made out of a thicker 0.080″ thick aircraft grade aluminum. This thicker material offers more protection for you guns since the case is overall a more durable design. The Kalispel Style gun cases are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. The latches, hinges and foam offered on these gun cases is also better quality than you find on cheaper brand cases.

When choosing a metal gun case, be sure to consider all of the requirements that you need from your gun case. If you plan on flying or going on an expensive hunting trip, then the higher cost of the metal gun case is offset by the peace of mind that you have in knowing your guns are better protected during the travel process. If you are simply transporting your gun to a local gun range, then a less expensive soft gun case may better suit your needs since you are less likely to through your gun around as opposed to an airlines baggage handlers would. Also, if air travel is a possibility, then the thicker; aluminum offered on the Kalispel Style gun cases is well worth the extra investment over a thinner, more easily damaged case.

No matter which style of gun case you need, the experts at Explore Products can help you choose the best gun case for your budget and gun storage needs.


Using Gun Cases For Gun Storage

Many hunters and shooters buy a gun case for storing their rifle, shotgun or handgun at home. This can be a good storage option, but only if certain precautions are taken. A gun case can protect the gun from scratches, dust and some gun cases can also be locked, preventing unwanted access to the gun. This is especially true if children are in the household. But, storing guns in a gun case can also lead to corrosion on the firearm if it is not done properly. Especially for the occasional hunter that only pulls their gun out of the case a few times a year for sighting in and hunting.

The problem with storing a gun in a gun case is that most gun cases have some type of foam padding in them to cushion and protect the gun. Usually this foam is a soft, open cell type, that unfortunately can trap and hold moisture like a sponge. many sportsmen store their rifles and shotguns in their basements. Basements are typically the dampest place in a house, which can lead to the problem of corrosion. If a gun is stored in a closed gun case in a damp environment, then the foam can actually hold moisture against the gun which can quickly lead to rust. This can happen as fast as overnight if the conditions are right.

Fortunately there are several precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk of corrosion when storing a gun in a gun case. One of the most important rule is to clean and wipe down the gun with a good quality gun oil before placing it in the gun case. This removes fingerprints, which if left on a gun, can cause corrosion due to the acids found on most peoples hands. Once wiping down the gun metal, be sure not to touch the gun anywhere other than the stock when placing the gun in the gun case for storage.

The second most important thing to due when storing a gun in a gun case is to leave the case partially unzipped if using a soft gun case, or partially open if using a hard gun case. This allows any moisture that is trapped in the foam of the gun case to be able to escape. However, if you store your guns in a damp environment, you may want to purchase a hard gun case that has a rubber O-ring seal. A good example of an excellent O-ring sealed gun case is SKB Gun Cases. This type of gun case can keep out moisture out and away from the gun. But, in this situation it is important to keep a few desiccant packs in the gun case to absorb moisture. When closing the gun case, you are not only keeping outside moisture out, but you are also preventing moisture inside the gun case to escape. Save those silica gel packs that come in electronics as they are perfect for absorbing moisture in a closed space.

If you follow these simple steps, you will find that storing a gun in a gun case will protect the firearm from dust and scratches. Plus it will help prevent any corrosion on your gun.

What Are Allen Gun Cases

Allen gun cases are produced by Allen Company based in Colorado. Allen makes many different models of soft gun cases including handgun cases, rifle cases, shotgun cases and tactical gun cases. Some of the Allen brand of gun cases are made in the USA, while others are sewn overseas. Allen also makes gun cases under the Smith & Wesson M&P brand, and also under Ruger.

Allen rifle cases fall in a wide range of sizes and style. Some of their gun case model are unique in that they offer features not usually found on other brands of gun cases. Some examples are the Allen Euro Oversized Rifle Case is a soft gun case with a full three inches of foam. Most other gun case brands offer foam from 1/2″ thick to 3/4″ thick. If you want a ton of protection in a soft gun case, this is a good option. The case also features built in external pockets, carry sling, and enough room to carry a scope rifle with a front bipod attached. Allen also has unique sizes not often found in other brand gun cases. The Allen All Purpose soft gun case comes in eight sizes for shotguns and rifles ranging from 40″ up to 54″. This give the hunter and shooter more options to better fit their firearm so that there is not too much extra room inside their gun case.

For handgun cases, Allen is one of the few companies that still make a suede leather handgun and pistol case. The interior is a sheepskin style liner to protect the gun. These handgun cases features metal zippers, and range in size from 8″, 11″, 13″ and 15″. Allen also offers many different models of handgun cases that not only hold the pistol, but also extra magazines as well. Some examples include the Allen 50-15 Attache Handgun Case, and the Ruger Duoplex Attache Handgun Case. Other unique handgun cases include a locking zipper style case, as well as a compact molded handgun case.

A one of a kind Allen Encore/Contender/Striker 22″ Pistol Soft Gun Case has sewn in pockets to accommodate up to two extra barrels. Exterior pockets and thick foam padding make this case far superior to trying to fit this style of firearm in a standard gun case that tends to be too long and not able to carry extra barrels.

The Smith & Wesson M&P series of cases offer many different tactical gun case options for law enforcement, and individual shooters alike. There are models for one or two AR style rifles, for M&P handguns with mag pouches, etc. And, a full line of range bags to carry not only the firearm, but other shooting equipment like hearing and eye protection, as well as other gear. The entire series of Smith & Wesson M&P gun cases are very well made, and have multiple pockets and dividers to make gear organizing easy and practical.

You can find a full assortment of Allen gun cases and range bags at

What Gun Case Should I Get To Go On A Pheasant Hunting Trip?

Many hunters have an opportunity to fly to one of the many States known for excellent pheasant hunting such as South Dakota. We get a lot of questions asking what would be a good gun case for this purpose. Usually this type of hunting trip involves flying to the destination. One consideration for what gun case would be best for this situation is to determine how many shotguns the hunter wants to take in the gun case. Some hunters want to take two guns – one as a backup in case there are mechanical problems with the other. Or, several hunters will share a gun case and will want to take 2 to 4 shotguns between them. Another consideration is the size of the gun case itself. Many airlines now charge extra fees for bags over a certain dimension. If this is a concern, then a one gun shotgun case would be a better fit.

When flying with a shotgun, the most important factor to consider is protection for your firearm. the airlines require a hard case that is lockable when flying. There are many quality grades for hard gun cases. For protection, we recommend a top quality gun case such as SKB or Kalispel style. You would not want to arrive at your destination, only to find that the airlines had damaged your shotgun. This could ruin an entire hunting trip. A top of the line gun case is cheap in comparison to the entire cost of a hunting trip. So, purchase a better grade shotgun case, and your trip will be more enjoyable.

SKB Gun Cases have several different model shotgun cases from a single gun model 2SKB-4900, to a four gun model 2SKB-5014. Most hunters will find that a 2 gun model such as the 2skb-5009 or 3i-5014-DR will fit their needs perfectly. Both are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, and also feature a $1500 protection policy on the guns themselves if they were to get damaged in an SKB case while flying. Other features like a rubber O-ring seal and impact resistant construction make these SKB gun cases a good value.

The Kalispel style gun cases are also made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. The Kalispel style gun cases are made from .080″ thick aluminum, and feature a stainless steel locking rod that locks up all for latches with one padlock. The interior foam is a flat high compression foam that keeps your guns from moving around inside the gun case. the Kalispel style gun cases are available in a 52″ length single or two gun model, a 54″ two gun model, and also a 38″ breakdown shotgun model.

Finally Plano molding makes a good two gun full length shotgun case in their All Weather series of gun cases. These models are priced slightly lower then the SKB or Kalispel gun cases, but do not offer quite as many features or warranties. The Plano gun cases are perfect for the hunter that only plans on flying once or twice with their guns where cost is a consideration.

Regardless of what type shotgun case you need, Explore Products is available to answer any questions you have, as well as help you find the perfect gun case for your situation.

Unique Soft Handgun Cases For Protection And Style

Soft handgun cases have come a long way from just being a fabric sack to store your pistol in. Today’s soft handgun cases offer both protection for your firearm, and are also stylish as well. There are several manufacturer’s that have features in their handgun cases that enhance both the protection factor and looks as well.

SKB makes several handgun cases featuring their Dry-Tek technology. These pistol cases feature a two layer system to wick moisture away from your handgun. The two-layer padding will work in tandem to draw moisture from the inner bag. The inner pad layer enables moisture to pass through to the outer layer where a remarkable one-way laminate membrane applied to the outer layer allows water molecules to exit the bag, but not to enter. The result, your gun stays dry! These are available in 9″, 12″ and 15″ fitted sizes, and also in a 11″ x 7″ rectangular handgun bag.

Allen gun cases still makes a suede leather handgun case that features a thick sheepskin style lining to protect the handgun, as well as stylish suede leather construction for a classic look and feel. Most handgun case companies have gotten away from leather handgun cases because of the cost. But Allen still makes a 8″, 11″, 13″ and 15″ model with metal zippers. These are sure to turn a few heads at the gun range.

Allen also makes stylish Smith & Wesson Pro Comp Four Handgun Case. This soft gun case bag features 4 soft lined handgun pockets plus 10 magazine pockets to keep your handguns organized and protected. The gun case also has front and back exterior MOLLE loop web for attaching accessories, as well as large exterior pockets for extra gear. This handgun case crosses into range bag territory, but is not as bulky as most range bags while still offering plenty of room.

Be sure to check out all of the unique handgun cases at

I want to carry 4 handguns, what gun case should I get?

If you want to carry four handguns to the range or on a hunting trip, there are many different hard gun cases on the market that will fit most handguns. The difference usually comes down to quality of the guncase, which also has a direct influence on the price. Some of the higher end four gun handgun cases are approved for airline travel, while some of the less expensive multiple handgun cases are ideal for carry to the local gun range.

Starting from the best quality, the Kalispel Style Handgun Case GC181304 fits multiple handguns and pistols up to 4 depending on the guns size. This case is made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. Durable 0.080″ thick aluminum construction is some of the thickest on the market. Inside dimension are 17″ x 12″. SKB also is made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. The molded construction is waterproof, and the SKB 3i-1813-5B-L 2 to 4 gun handgun case protects the guns to the point that SKB has a $1500 damage protection guarantee that covers your guns.

Moving into the moderate price range, Guardforce Gun Cases offer several models that hold up to 4 handguns. The Classic 36C series has interior dimensions of approximately 17 1/2″ x 13 5/8″ x 4 1/8″ for multiple gun carry. These cases are made of a plywood type core with laminate on the outside, similar to briefcase construction. Plano Molding has an All Weather Handgun Case that is also waterproof like the SKB cases, but they do not have the all encompassing warranty like SKB. But the mid range price point fits most shooters budgets, while offering great protection.

The lower end multiple handgun cases are generally molded construction, and are a thinner material than the SKB and Plano All Weather cases. But the very reasonably priced cases are ideal for travel to the range, or for storing your handguns while not in use. the Plano Gun Guard Special Edition handgun case holds up to 4 handguns in 2 separate layers. MTM also has an inexpensive multiple handgun case with their Case Guard 2 – 4 handgun model.

To chose the pistol case that works best for you, compare what type of usage you plan on doing with the case, the features that each gun case offers, and the price you are willing to pay, and you will ultimately find a multiple handgun case that fits your very needs.