Explore Products Redesigns Hunting And Shooting Website

Explore Products, Inc. has been selling hunting and shooting products online since 1995. That is over 19 years with an online presence. Most of our competitors are considerably newer to the internet. The early internet was nothing more than a chat room. But as the internet has evolved, Explore Products, Inc. has also redesigned it’s web site functionality.

Our newest version launched on January 22, 2014. Our new site is easier to navigate, and works better on different platforms to allow customers to have better access to our hunting and shooting products. Our redesigned site also makes it easier to share information and interact with social media.

Explore Products, Inc. has grown with our customers, and offers a large selection of hunting and shooting products, as well as ATV/UTV accessories and bow hunting gear. We appreciate all of our past customers business and look forward to the next 20 years of online changes. Thank you for your business.

What Type Of Gun Case Do You Need To Fly With A Firearm

We are often asked what type of gun case and lock is required to fly with a firearm. As of the date of this article the TSA definition for traveling with a firearm on an airline is that “The firearm must be in a hard-sided container that is locked.   A locked container is defined as one that completely secures the firearm from being accessed. Locked cases that can be pulled open with little effort cannot be brought aboard the aircraft.” This wording has been recently changed from simply that the gun needs to be in a hard case that is lockable, to a better description of the quality of gun case that is acceptable.

The new definition eliminates most of the cheaper gun cases that are better suited to storing a gun or transporting it to the local gun range. Most inexpensive gun cases are too easy to pry open, and are not designed to keep someone out of the gun case. We have always believed that the definition of an approved gun case does not meet our definition of a recommended gun case for flying. If you combine the cost of the firearm to the cost of the trip you are taking, and add the incalculable cost of a ruined trip if your gun was to get damaged, it is always better to buy a more durable gun case for air travel. Brands that we recommend are SKB or Kalispel Style gun cases.

The lock that is required for a gun case when traveling by air has also changed several times over the last 10 years. Years ago, any simple lock would suffice. Then the TSA changed the ruling that the lock had to be TSA approved. This rendered any current gun cases obsolete since most did not have TSA locks. After several years of the TSA approved requirement, the definition has now changed to “The firearm must be in a hard-sided container that is locked” which does not require a TSA approved lock. However, the laws state that “TSA must resolve all alarms in checked baggage. If a locked container containing a firearm alarms, TSA will contact the airline, who will make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner and advise the passenger to go to the screening location. If contact is not made, the container will not be placed on the aircraft.” And, “If a locked container alarms during screening and is not marked as containing a declared firearm, TSA will cut the lock in order to resolve the alarm.” This ruling in effect mentions that TSA will cut off the lock if they need to gain access to the case. We have had reports from travelers that their TSA locks were cut off. So depending on the airport, having a TSA approved lock does not necessarily guarantee that your locks will not get cut off. We recommend keeping a spare set of locks in your gun case so that if your locks are cut off, you have a spare set to re-lock the case and be able to get home. Many travelors have had to scramble to buy locks at their destination in order to be able to bring their gun home with them on the return trip.

No matter which gun case you ultimately choose, be sure to buy one that will not only meet the guidelines, but will also protect your firearm from damage during the trip. Many top end gun cases cost between $200 to $300. In relation to the total cost of a trip, it is cheap insurance to be assured that your firearm will arrive undamaged and ready to go.


What Is The Best Type Of Foam In A Gun Case

We are often asked what is the best type of foam in a gun case – egg carton style or flat foam? This is actually more a question of foam quality and gun case quality, rather than the type of foam itself. Most high end gun cases have a higher quality of foam over cheaper cases. You would not have a cheap gun case with expensive foam, nor would you typically have cheap foam in an expensive gun case. Gun cases brands such as SKB and Kalispel typically have higher quality foam to give your firearm the protection it needs. Where as mid grade cases such as Guardforce offer egg carton style foam to help keep the case price more affordable.

The foam in a gun case serves two purposes. It protects the gun from impact damage. And it also serves to keep the guns in place so that they do not slide around and rub into each other, or the side of the gun case. Cheaper gun cases tend to have egg carton or convoluted style foam to try and create pressure points to keep the gun in place. Some cheaper to mid grade gun cases also have Velcro straps to help keep the gun from sliding around. These straps may create wear spots on your guns finish over time.

Most higher end gun cases such as SKB and Kalispel tend to have higher compression foam. This acts to not only better protect the firearm form impact, but also helps put more surface pressure on the gun to keep it from sliding around. Some SKB gun cases even have molded interiors to prevent the gun from moving in the case. Where as Kalispel Style gun cases have high compression flat foam. This puts even pressure along the entire length of the gun, and almost insures that the gun will stay put in the gun case. Egg Carton style foam looks like the inside of an egg carton with ridges and valleys. This type of foam can never achieve as much pressure on the gun as flat foam since it only comes in contact with the gun at the tip of each point. Another benefit of flat foam is that it is typically in layers so it can be custom cut for your specific gun if you so desire.

In summary, flat foam typically will better protect your gun by preventing movement in the gun case.  And usually this type of foam is found in better quality gun cases that feature thicker wall construction, and durability. So in our opinion flat foam is the better choice if you can afford the case that it comes in. Explore Products personnel can help you select the best quality gun case for the money for what ever type of application you need.


Smith & Wesson Range Bags For The Professional

Smith & Wesson came out with a new series of range bags made by Allen Company for the professional service man or serious shooting enthusiast. The Smith & Wesson M&P range bags feature plenty of features to set them apart from most brands selling similar products.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Active Duty Equipment Bag features sturdy construction with 1200D polyester fabric for years of dependable service. The ample sized 19″ x 8″ x 13″H bag has a semi-rigid internal support system that keeps the bags shape and holds it upright – even when only partially filled. Most other bags simply fall into a heap if they are not filled with gear. The removable interior divider, ID holder and exterior straps and pockets make it easy to customize the range bag to your gear.

Another great bag from Smith & Wesson is the Pro Series Tactical Range Bag. The large size 13″ x 10″ x 9″, and 6 pockets for shooting accessories hod plenty of gear. And the 10 internal magazine holders keep your mags organized and ready for use. Made from 1200D polyester fabric, this bag will last for years of heavy usage.

For a smaller application, the Smith & Wesson M&P Basic Ammo Bag will hold two handguns in the included removable handgun rugs. And the external MOLLE web system for gear attachment allows this bag to hold way more gear than the 10″ x 9″ x 15″ size would otherwise indicate. Again 1200D polyester fabric, plus a dual zippered main compartment show the quality that Smith & Wesson demands.

All of the Smith & Wesson M&P range bags feature a black shell with gray embroidered M&P by Smith & Wesson logos proudly displayed. There is also a whole series of gun cases that match the range bags so that your equipment is not only protected, but shows your pride in the Smith & Wesson brand. All of these products plus more is available at Explore Products.

SKB Breakdown Shotgun Cases – Unique Designs And Superior Protection

If traveling with a breakdown shotgun, or if you simply want a great breakdown shotgun case for storage, we recommend the SKB Breakdown Shotgun Cases. The SKB gun case line is made in the USA and most have lifetime warranties on the gun case. They also feature a $1500 content protection warranty that will cover damage to your firearm if it occurs in the SKB gun case. For breakdown shotgun cases, SKB has several convenient sizes.

The SKB 3i-3614-CB Watertight Custom Breakdown case accommodates shotguns with two barrels and one receiver up to 35”. The custom molded interior is a nice option over most breakdown gun cases that only have foam, and nothing to keep you gun components in their respective positions. There are pockets for the barrels, receiver, and also extra spots for choke tubes and other accessories. The case measures 36.5” L x 14.5” W x 5.5” D, and will fit most standard breakdown shotgun configurations.

For traveling with two shotguns, the SKB 3i-3614-CB-D MIL-STD Watertight Injection Molded Double Custom Breakdown Case has a custom molded interior that will fit two barrels and two receivers. The case has the same 36.5” L x 14.5” W x 5.5” D dimensions as the single receiver model.

An older style SKB breakdown case is the 2SKB-320B. This case features a more ridged interior molded to fit most popular breakdown shotguns, and has a green plush fabric liner. The case is not as forgiving on the interior to fit non-standard guns or barrel lengths, but is a more compact 32″ x 9″ x 5″ size.

A final variation is the 2SKB-3209 Custom Skeet Breakdown Shotgun Case. The case has the same bottom molded interior as the 2SKB-3209B, but also features 6 skeet barrel inserts in separate lid compartment. This is one of only a few gun cases that offer the skeet insert feature.

No matter which SKB breakdown shotgun case you purchase, you can rest assured that your gun will be protected – even when flying.

ATV Tek – Excellent UTV and ATV Products You May Not Know About

Lets face it – if you have an ATV or UTV, there are endless varieties of accessories you can use to increase the functionality of your 4 wheeler, or simply trick it out. One brand of ATV/UTV accessories that you not be familiar with is ATV Tek. This company is owned by riders who believe in creating quality products that will last more than the life of your machine. And they have some unique items that the other brands have ignored.

For the UTV enthusiast, check out ATV Tek’s side mirrors. The Clearview UTV Side Mirror is easy to install. And the convex shape enhances field of view while the integrated vibration dampener reduces vibration and increases visibility as you head down the bumpy trail! Four way adjustibility, and a “break-away” feature for collisions make this mirror a better option than other brands. Stop craning your neck around to see what is behind you. Get a pair for best visibility.

A unique item for ATV Tek is their Pro Series Rider Dust Mack. Lets face it, you didn’t buy a UTV or ATV to ride on a paved road. And when you go off road you are inevitably going to be eating a lot of dust. The Pro Dust Mask filter blocks up to 99.9% of dust particulates. And the one way exhaust valves regulate heat, CO2 and water vapor. The mask is made from breathable, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric specially designed to be worn with all open and closed faced helmets and goggles for all-day comfort.

Keep your GPS and other handheld devices secure with the FlexFit ATV / UTV Handheld mount from ATV Tek. The fully-adjustable cradle rotates 360 degrees, and has 180 degrees of tilt to ensure your handheld is facing the direction you want it. A UTV dash mount, bar mount and ATV bar/rack mount is included for flexibility. The handheld is protected in a rubber cradle with rubber securing straps to keep it safe.

ATV Tek also makes a full series of gun mounts, luggage, and other UTV and ATV accessories. You can find the full line of ATV Tek as well as other brands of UTV accessories at Explore Products.

Smith & Wesson M&P Gun Cases – The Tactical Choice

Every once in a while a new gun case line will come out that changes the perception of what we want. The new Smith & Wesson M&P gun cases and range bags by Allen Products is one of these lines.

The Smith & Wesson M&P double rifle soft gun case is made from 1200D polyester for years of dependable service. It holds two assault rifles, and is available in 38″ or 42″ lengths. There is an external MOLLE web system for gear attachment. And external compression straps, and a four point gun securing system to keep weapons in place are features that you do not see on other tactical gun cases.

Smith & Wesson also has the M&P 42″ Discreet Arms Tactical Rifle Case With Magazine Pouches. Also made from 1200D and with the gun securing strap system. This gun case also features four hidden magazine pockets and an easy to clean interior lining. A large accessory pocket also gives room for extra accessories.

For handguns, the Smith & Wesson M&P Double Handgun Case holds 2 handguns in individual compartments, and has 6 internal magazine holders. The 1200D construction and exterior MOLLE web system for gear attachment are again features not typically found on other handgun cases. Two internal handgun compartments and dense foam padding will protect your handguns and keep them ready for action.

Finally for one handgun, the Smith & Wesson M&P Handgun Case has 5 internal magazine pockets to keep your mags organized. And measuring 12″ x 10″, the case will hold almost any standard handgun comfortably. The rugged 1200D construction and dense foam padding will protect your guns as well.

If you want a quality gun case to protect your assault rifle or handgun, the Smith & Wesson M&P cases from Explore Products are worth looking into.

Weatherproof Gun Cases – Are they Worth The Money?

When it comes to storing a gun or traveling with a firearm, many people wonder if a weatherproof gun case is worth the money? The answer depends on what type of conditions you will be facing, and how valuable your gun is worth.

Most gun owners store their guns in the basement of their home. A typical basement is high in humidity and poor in circulation. A gun stored in this condition will suffer from corrosion, and in some cases, wood damage to the stock over time. A weather proof gun case would be a good option for storing a gun in this condition. What makes a gun case weatherproof is an O-ring seal to keep out moisture and dust. If you store a gun in a weatherproof gun case, it is still very important to keep a desiccant in the gun case. This is because any moisture in the air that gets closed in with the gun when the case is sealed will still cause corrosion to your firearm. The O-ring on the case only keeps new moisture from getting in, it does nothing to remove existing moisture. So keep all of the little desiccantpacks that you get when buying electronics, etc. and throw them in your gun case to absorb moisture.

When traveling with a gun, a weather resistant gun case also makes a lot of sense. A typical planes baggage compartment is unpressurized. This means that the temperature will fall from the surface temp at the airport, to temperatures that can be below freezing once the plane reaches altitude. Any moisture in the air will condense out and lay on the surface of the firearm. A weather resistant gun case will keep new moisture from entering the case during the flight, and reduce damage to the gun. Also, if you have ever seen a plane being loaded in the rain, you can see the obvious reason why you would not want your gun in a case that doesn’t keep out moisture.

Several good weather resistant gun cases on the market are the Plano All Weather series, and the SKB Gun Case product line. Both of these series of gun cases have rubber O-rings to keep out dust and moisture. Plus the molded construction allows the gun case to flex keeping the O-ring seal touching the flange of the case to assure a tight seal. Some of the smaller gun cases seal so well that a pressure relief valve is required to make it easier to open the gun case.

If you plan to travel with your gun, or simply need to store it in a safe manor, Explore Products has experts available to help you choose which gun case will best suit your needs. Happy hunting and safe shooting.


Remington Dog Accessories – Quality And Style That The Hunter Wants

There are many brands of dog accessories on the market. But most hunters want products that are not only excellent quality, but have the style that they want for their hunting dog. Remington dog products made by Coastal Pet Products offers attractive designs that are very durable as well. The Remington logo is proudly displayed on the entire line of dog accessories. Lets face it – you do not want your hunting dog to wear brand names that are associated with lap dogs.

The Remington dog collars are made from durable 1″ web strap, and have heavy gauge metal hardware. These collars are available from 18″ to 24″ in 2″ increments to fit most breads of hunting dogs. And the collars are available in Blaze Orange Reflective, Duck Blind camo, and for the ladies, pink camo. These collars are not only durable, but look good as well.

Another great product from Remington is their dog chest protector. These will keep your dog safe from scratches, etc. on their chest and stomach while hunting in the field. And the safety orange and yellow colors are easy to spot so that you can quickly identify where your dog is before squeezing the trigger. The easy on/off velcro closure is quick to use, and the chest protectors are available in sizes to fit most hunting dogs between 36 to 85 pounds.

For tracking your hunting dog in the field, Remington has a solid brass dog bell. Most other brands offer a brass or nickle plated bell of flimsy construction. the Remington bell is machined from solid brass, and has a nylon strap to secure it to your dogs collar. The solid brass not only sounds better and has a higher frequency which travels farther, but it will last a lifetime.

And at the end of the day when your hunting dog is tired, let him saddle up to the Remington Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. Why use a cheap plastic bowl when a more traditional option is available. The large 64 ounce size will hold plenty of food or water. Ans the solid stainless steel construction with a rubber non-skid flange will last for years.

Your hunting dog works hard for you. Show her that you appreciate her efforts with quality dog products from Remington. And remember that Explore Products sells all of the hunting products that you need to enjoy your time in the field.


SKB Tactical Rifle Cases – The Protection You Need.

SKB makes several tactical style rifle cases that will fit moats applications. SKB Gun Cases are made in the USA, and feature a lifetime warranty on the gun case, and $1500 protection on your tactical rifle if it were to get damaged in their case. SKB hard gun cases feature a rubber O-ring to keep out moisture and dust as well.

The SKB 2R-5212-7 Roto Military Standard ATA Double Weapons Gun Case measures 50″ x 10″ x 6.5″ on the inside, and will fit two tactical rifles up to 51” long. The case features interlocking stacking ribs, roller blade style wheels, HDPE construction, and nylon fiberglass reinforced trigger release latching system that includes padlock receptacles for security. The 2R4909-5 Roto Military Standard ATA Single Weapon Gun Case is a single gun version measuring 50″ x 9″ x 5.5″ on the inside. And the SKB 2R-4417-8 Roto Military Standard ATA Double Bow / Bow Rifle Combo Gun Case is a shorter, two gun version measuring 43″ x 15.5″ x 7″ on the inside.

The SKB 3i-3614-6B-L Mil-Spec M4 Short Rifle Gun Case is a newer design measuring  36.5” L x 14.5” W x 5.5” D on the inside. It features a rubber O-ring to keep out the elements, a patented “trigger release” latch system, in-line skate style wheels and is a submersible design (IP67). The SKB 3i-4214-5B-L Tactical Rifle Gun Case is a larger design of this case measuring 42 1/2” x 14 1/2” x 5 1/2” on the inside.

And for a soft tactical gun case, the SKB Tactical Gun Bag features 600 Denier exterior for durability. The case measures 44 1/2″ x 11″ interior dimension, and comes with a removable shoulder strap with metal hardware.

No matter which SKB tactical gun case you choose, be assured that your rifle will be protected and ready to use. And Explore Products has representatives to help you choose the perfect gun case for your application.