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Allen Handgun Gun Sock 14"
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Allen Handgun Gun Sock 14"
Gun socks
First thing I noticed was made in USA, wow a product made here. Bought these so that when I put guns in safe have some protection from getting banged up. Socks are thick and well crafted. It's says impregnated with silver to help reduce rust, not sure if it will but doesn't matter cause still wipe the gun down before putting away. Socks fit all my pistols and revolvers. None of my guns have scopes are any kind of lasers but I think if you had a scope the sock would stretch enough to get over the scope. Explore has a good price on them and I will be buying some more.

Allen Handgun Gun Sock 14"

Silicon treated gun sock fits handguns up to 14" long

  • Silicone treated knit fabric
  • Will not hold moisture
  • Drawstring closure
  • Fits handguns with up to 8" barrels
  • Assorted colors
  Original Price :  $5.99 Our Price :  $2.99
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