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Big 45 Frontier Gun Cleaner Pad
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Big 45 Frontier Gun Cleaner Pad
This thing works
Amazing product, performs exactly as described. I bought one of these pads over 2 years ago (6/12) to clean up some old shotguns handed down from my Dad, and it removed all surface rust with no damage to blued surfaces at all - the barrels were almost good as new. I've found many other uses for this product as well, using it on old knives, tools, etc. My original pad is still going, but I'll be ordering several more for future use. I just rediscovered the website to save the link, thought I'd drop this review in while I'm here. Great product, thanks.

Big 45 Frontier Gun Cleaner Pad

Remove rust and dirt from guns without damaging the blued surface

  • Will not harm the finest blued surfaces - scientifically alloyed
  • Frontier Metal Cleaner looks a lot like a steel scrubbing sponge made up of thin coiled ribbons of metal. The coils are composed of a proprietary alloy containing stainless steel, nickel silver, monel (a corrosion resistant nickel based alloy), and zinc. The alloy is effectively "harder than rust but softer than bluing." As a result it can be used to scrape the rust, dirt, and dried greases and oils off blued steel without harming the finish.
  • Frontier Metal Cleaner is significantly more effective than other "sponge" cleaners like bronze wool due to the shape of the individual strands. Since each strand is a thin, ribbon of metal with sharp leading and trailing edges, the "sponge" has the effect of hundreds, if not thousands of small razor blades scraping away at surface build up. Steel or bronze wool, which is round in cross section does not have this advantage.
  • Also extremely effective at removing lead deposits from the bore, and goes a long way toward cleaning copper buildup as well. To use the cleaner on the bore, cut a small piece off the pad with a scissors. Wrap the strands around and through a bore brush, and then run the brush through the bore as usual.
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