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Caldwell Fire Control Heavyweight Front Rifle Rest
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Caldwell Fire Control Heavyweight Front Rifle Rest
rifle rest
i was looking for the perfect front rifle rest.this is it.i haven't used it yet but i know quality when i see is well has weight to it.and it adjusts up and down and windage and elevation.i didn't get a rear rest but i'm going to order one now.also the price was reasonable and it arrived in a timely fashion.

Caldwell Fire Control Heavyweight Front Rifle Rest

The Caldwell Fire Control Rifle Rest delivers precision and control

  • Advanced shooters using today's modern, highly accurate rifles deserve accessories that deliver precision and control. Caldwell's Fire Control Rest delivers both. Perfect fingertip control over the location of your crosshairs when your trigger breaks is the advantage of this rifle rest
  • Simply move the control arm in any direction to precisely align the crosshairs on your target
  • The glass-smooth internal mechanisms allow the front bag to move both up and down and left and right with a single motion to make fine, controllable adjustments to the position of your firearm while you're squeezing your trigger
  • The unique front cradle accepts 2 bag widths (bags included) - a traditional medium-width bag and a 3" lobe bag
  • Three pointed stainless steel adjusting feet make leveling the rest easy
  • The 29" x 9" base and total weight of 18 pounds 5 ounces makes for a stable platform
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances plus machined gears and racks for a silky, precise feel
  • Adjustable cradle ear assembly for increased control and consistent clamping pressure
  • Elevation adjustment knob provides quick steady movement and up to 4" of course adjustment at the rest
  • Elevation lock knob quickly and securely locks into position
  • Forend stop for repeatable firearm positioning
  • Control arm lever micro-tension adjustment
  • The palm lever can be positioned 360 degrees to the arm
  • Solid cast iron base for dependable service
  Original Price :  $249.99 Our Price :  $215.94
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