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Caldwell Rock BR Competition Shooting Rest

The Caldwell Rock BR rest is designed for the most accuracy-minded shooters around - Bench Rest Competitors

  • The Rock BR will help you discover the true potential of your rifle and ammunition. This high-quality rest is designed for the most accuracy-minded shooters around - Bench Rest Competitors - but everyone who wants the best from their rifle will benefit from the advanced design, precision machining, and finely engineered features of the Rock BR.
  • New precision fingertip windage system.
  • New smooth ball-bearing elevation adjustment.
  • The rest weighs a satisfying 15 lbs, with a 15" footprint thanks to its cast-iron base
  • Fine elevation adjustments are made from a large-diameter rotating wheel that glides on a set of ball bearings
  • Coarse elevation adjustments are made with a locking collar
  • The Rock BR's windage-adjustable cradle lets shooters make fast, smooth horizontal adjustments to handle wind shifts - especially appropriate for shooters using wind flags
  • The cradle features a sturdy bag tensioning system for excellent forend support and increased stability and accuracy
  • The Rock BR includes an unfilled three-lobe synthetic bag that works especially well for flat-bottomed forends and a filled Medium Varmint front bag.
  • The cradle has specially designed slots that allow users to quickly install or interchange any of Caldwell's Deluxe front Rest Bags to fit round-bottomed shapes
  • Every feature is designed to help you shoot more accurately - this is truly a rest that any quality-minded shooter will appreciate
  • Precision machined components
  • Height adjustable from 5" to 9 1/4"
  • Adjustable bag tension
  • Fingertip windage adjustment
  • Fine and course elevation adjustment
  • Positive adjustable forend stop
  • Stainless steel components
  • Can be switched for both right and left handed operation
  Original Price :  $199.99 Our Price :  $175.94
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