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Gunzilla 4 oz World's Best CLP Gun Cleaner
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Gunzilla 4 oz World's Best CLP Gun Cleaner
GunZilla, worlds best
Its not called the worlds best for no reason. Now it is the ONLY cleaner/lube i use. Nothing can top its cleaning power, it just melts everything away. No harsh smell either. I also bought the Copperzilla, but I really doubt Ill ever need to use it. Dry lube really actually works, hard to believe, but it does. Prevents dirt, dust, dog hair, etc... From sticking to everything.A+++++

Gunzilla 4 oz World's Best CLP Gun Cleaner

Gunzilla Gun Cleaner removes rust, carbon, copper, lead, plastic (from shotgun wads) and cleans corrosive ammo residue faster than traditional cleaners

  • Gunzilla is used by federal agencies and by law enforcement departments.
  • A testimonial from Iraq “I can tell you for certain, that no Marine in my squad who used Gunzilla ever experienced a maintenance related stoppage during a fight. …..Not only did Gunzilla substantially improve the accuracy of worn machineguns, but in temperamental machineguns with histories of jamming and fouling, regular Gunzilla used on ammo and bolt rails, allowed us to trust those weapons in combat. Gunzilla also extended the barrel life of two aging .50 Cal machineguns, whose throats were almost completely eroded when we were issued them. With regular applications of Gunzilla, those weapons remained serviceable throughout the entire tour, many thousand rounds after their barrels’ projected life.”
  • Take the Gunzilla test - clean your gun with your existing solvent. Then run a patch with Gunzilla through the barrel and see all the rust, carbon and residues left behind by your other brand!
  • Contains no hazardous materials - Made from plants (no water, no petroleum)
  • One formula to clean, lubricate and protect
  • Designed to reduce weapon malfunctions caused by sand, carbon and cold temperatures
  • Can be used on all combat weapons and sporting weapons
  • Safer for skin contact than traditional cleaners containing hazardous chemicals
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Leaves a non-ionic coating which doesn’t attract sand, dust or carbon
  • Removes rust, carbon, copper, lead, plastic (from shotgun wads) and cleans corrosive ammo residue faster than traditional cleaners
  • Can be left on the gun for an extended period of time without damaging the gun
  • Safe for use on Parkerized, blued and wood finishes
  • Gunzilla doesn’t freeze but it does turn into a light grease in the liquid form below 29 degrees. However the grease remains pliable so the weapon will continue to function in very cold temperatures (tested in 20 below). If very cold operation is a concern then we recommend wiping the weapon dry. In the dry lubricating mode Gunzilla’s coating is not affected by extreme cold
  • Gunzilla can be carried on an airline (checked baggage) because it has no hazardous chemicals, is non-flammable and is non-corrosive. Gunzilla is also air shipping safe and is not regulated by 49 CFR pages 100-185
  • Gunzilla's slippery finish greatly reduces the attraction of sand and dust because of the non-ionic coating Gunzilla leaves. This coating is so slippery it reduces carbon build-up and fouling. Because it is non-ionic Gunzilla also reduces the attraction and retention of particles to the weapon such as carbon, dust and sand. The lubrication in Gunzilla is more slippery than traditional gun oils. This allows the action parts to work smoother, quicker and cooler. Once a gun is cleaned with Gunzilla the next cleaning will be quicker
  • Gunzilla displaces water in wet conditions.
  • Some copper and lead removers can damage weapons because they are designed to eat the copper out of the barrel. Gunzilla gets under the copper and/or lead and lifts it out but doesn’t harm the metal bore. When cleaning with Gunzilla there is no green on the patches when cleaning copper, only pieces of copper
  • 4 ounce plastic bottle with twist top
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