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Kalispel Style Gun Case Features

For years Kalispel cases were the gun case of choice for discriminating buyers wanting the best case on the market. Today ONLY Explore Products offers Kalispel Style cases with the same quality and features found in the original!

When the Kalispel Company went out of business in 2010 Explore Products engineered our own EXCLUSIVE line of Kalispel Style gun cases. Others might offer aluminum cases, but ours are made to the exacting specifications of the original, right down to the lifetime warranty.

Explore Products Kalispel Style cases include the following features:

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Gun Cases

  • Explore Products Kalispel Style cases are made in the USA with 0.080" thick aircraft grade aluminum - compare that to other major retailers "Bullet Proof" cases which, are only 0.063" thick aluminum, and cost more!
Kalispel Style Case Corners
  • Explore Products Kalispel Style Case corners are heli-arc welded by hand to insure rigidity and strength..
Kalispel Style Case Locking Rod
  • Most of our Kalispel Style Cases include a highly tamper proof, 100% stainless steel locking rod which runs the entire length of the case, and locks all of the latches at once. These latches are the best available and their rivets are sealed to prevent any environmental concerns.
Kalispel Style Case Locks
  • Explore Products Kalispel Style Cases feature a bright steel clasp which is configured for a padlock or locking rod for added security. Piano style hinges are aluminum with a steel pin that can't be hammered out by unwanted visitors. Hinges are riveted every 4 inches for durability..
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Gun Cases
  • All Explore Products Kalispel Style cases feature a minimum of four plus inches of condensed foam to cradle your equipment, and a wrap-around seal extrusion to prevent dust and moisture.

Press Release: CONGRATULATIONS DOUG ....WINS FOURTH BIANCHI CUP IN A ROW ..May 24, 2003 Doug Koenig adds to his list of championships by winning in a shootoff against Bruce Piatt in an early morning contest. After three days of competition the two top shooters were tied. The NRA then determined that even through the tiebreakers a tie still existed and a shoot off would be necessary. At 8 am the next morning the contest began with Doug nipping Bruce in the X count. The shoot was held at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Columbia, MO. This was the 25th annivesary of the founding of the Bianchi Cup Matches. Kalispel Case Line is proud to be associated with Doug and a small contributor to his success as Doug carries his equipment in a Kalispel Case. We get him there intact and he does the rest. We appreciate his trusting Kalispel Cases to get the job done.

Kalispel Cases Testimonial

Check out this testimonial! "I am enclosing pictures of my Kalispel gun case as it was returned to me by a major airline. My guess is that it got caught in some type of hydraulic door in order for that much damage to occur. "In any case, I had two scoped rifles in the gun case at the time of the damage. Because of the severe damage to the gun case, I was concerned about whether the gun barrels were bent or otherwise harmed. I had the guns taken apart and put on a lathe to measure them, and had two test-fired. Both guns were unharmed, thanks to the sturdiness of the Kalispel gun case. "I just wanted to confirm what you already know - that you produce a very sturdy gun case." Curt F. Dallas, TX

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