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Explore Products Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We want you to be comfortable when doing business with Explore Products. That is why we strictly adhere to a policy of information privacy. All information submitted to or gathered by us is for ordering purposes only and will not be shared, sold or distributed in any manner to persons outside of our organization other than those organizations that are required to receive this information for order fulfillment or transaction processing purposes. Though outside companies that receive this information are outside of our control, Explore Products tries to limit its business practices with any company or organization that does not adhere to an information privacy policy. All of our employees follow this policy to the strictest letter.

Online Transactions are Secure

Part of an effective privacy policy is to insure against unwanted information sharing via unsecure channels. All of our order pages where personal information is collected and transactions are processed are on a secure server with encryption. Please contact us with any questions you may have on our privacy policy or transaction methods.

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