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Great Fun! (4/5) Feb 26, 2010 Brian Wyatt San Angelo Te US
  So, great, you buy yourself a shiny new pistol, or whatever other firearm you find yourself proud to have. And maybe you buy some paper to shoot at to gauge your skill. Now what? Do you post the paper on a wall and disturb the peace of your household and neighbors? NO! You get one, two, or even TEN of these folding target holders and make yourself a quick draw action pistol range, or whatever your creative mind can come up with! Its convenient, versatile, very user friendly, and lightweight. But, unfortunately it's so lightweight that any stiff breeze is capable of knocking it down, and a gust could toss it away, thus spoiling all your fun. But, hey! Why waste your time and money being upset about it? Bolt it down, tie it down, or even just weigh it down and support it with some rocks or something. Trust me, you'll enjoy having a few of these around if you know how to make your own fun.

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