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Gunzilla (5/5) Aug 12, 2010 Dennis Pavlick Meriden CT US
  It's great to buy something that is as good as it advertised to be.
Almost no odor, cleaned the Glocks and AR and was impressed of the amount of "stuff", that was removed from what I thought was extremely clean firearms.
The operation of the AR was improved, and cleaned fast after 700-800 rounds. I had been using Breakfree and thought it was the best after trying many other CLP's. I would highly recommend this CLP above all that I have tried, period.
Gunzilla (5/5) Dec 27, 2011 Anonymous
  I was looking for a low odor alternative to the solvent that I have used my entire life. This stuff has very low odor . I was very impressed. This cleaned up my guns , better and with much less effort. I have not tried it as a lubricant yet, but I give it a 5 based on the cleaning effectiveness. If it lubes as good as it cleans, I give it a 10.

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