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Better than the Big Sporting Stores (5/5) Mar 19, 2012 Tim Bozeman Mo US
  I checked into the C*****'s cases for the same price and went with the Kalispel case for these reasons:
1. Made in America. Lifetime warranty.
2. Thicker Aluminum than other cases, 0.08 vs. 0.063. Still under the airline weight requirements with 2 O/U shotguns.
3. Bigger than other case by 2 inches in each direction. Very glad to have the extra room so the Beretta's were not rubbing inside the case. Carried 32 inch barrels with extended chokes with no problem.
4. No oversize charge from the airlines with the larger case size.
5. Did not see any shift of the guns in the case on a three leg flight from Montana to Florida. I would still recommend socking the guns.
6. Explore Products was easy to deal with and shipped very promptly. Would buy from them again.

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