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Worth it (4/5) Feb 27, 2013 Martin Leddy Wa
  Normally, I don't do ratings or surveys. In this case, I think it is worth the effort. The Lockdown Handgun Vault Safe (Large Combination Lock) and the (Medium Combination Lock) are worthy of speaking about.

I am a retired law enforcement officer and Soldier. I am currently in Afghanistan and needed to have a handgun case to transport the weapon I carry here, back to the US in a couple months. After looking around at all the plastic gun cases, I found Lockdown. I liked it because it is a hard metal case which seals tight and which is easy to operate and yet very secure. With a 3 digit combo lock that can be reset by the owner in about 10 seconds, it turns out to be one of the best gun safes I have ever purchased. It can be bolted to a floor, studs in a wall, or to the area under the seat in your car or in the trunk of your car. There is no room between the top and bottom to put anything strong enough to pry it open. It will fit in my luggage and should easily meet TSA requirements for secure storage for a handgun inside another bag. It also comes with a steel cable that can be wrapped around a fixed object on one end and locked into the case on the other end.

The only complaint I have, and the only reason I don't rate it at 5 stars, is that the paint used by the manufacturer has an incredibly strong odor. Because the case/safe seals so tight, the odor will remain a problem for a long time after purchase unless you have time to leave it open in a well ventilated area to let it air out. In terms of usability, even with that as a concern, it is solidly built, tightly constructed and easy to operate. I bought the Large and a medium and I could not be happier with the purchase (odor aside).
Impressive (5/5) Mar 1, 2013 Don Amery Wi US
  The vault is far better than I expected and turned out to be just what I needed. Good purchase.

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