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SKB Dry-Tek Rectangular Handgun & Pistol Bag Black 2SKB-HG-96-B
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SKB Dry-Tek Rectangular Handgun & Pistol Bag Black 2SKB-HG-96-B
Good price, great product.
I needed a transport case to be legal here in CA, one that would separate the gun from the ammo. And with two pockets either side of the case you should be able to store single stack magazines or small tools necessary for take down. To give you an idea of how much room is in this case, a Ruger LC9 with a clip in it, (finger tang option) fits with room for two extra clips inside the case. Although storage might be a tight fit with an under the barrel laser like Laser Max or Crimson Trace. The case is a little long but it does hold a pistol firmly enough in place that it doesn't slide back and forth. A small brass Master lock fits the zipper loop and ring. This SKS product is built like a Sherman tank, no buyers remorse on this one.

SKB Dry-Tek Rectangular Handgun & Pistol Bag Black 2SKB-HG-96-B

The most advanced transport bag for handguns and pistols ever developed.

  • Measuring 11" x 7", the 2SKB-HG96 Dry-Tek Rectangular Pistol Bag features the patented "Dry-Tek Difference". The two-layer padding will work in tandem to draw moisture from the inner bag. The inner pad layer enables water to pass through to the outer layer where a remarkable one-way laminate membrane applied to the outer layer allows water molecules to exit the bag, but not to enter. The result, your gun stays dry! All hardware is cast and rust repellent.
  • High grade leather forms a handle supported by underlying reinforcement and attached with cast, rust repellent hardware
  • The lining: Absorbent fibers are heat pressed to create a raised pattern surface over the lining material.
  • The padding: Two layers, with specific functions, team up to maximize the moisture "draw" effect. Quilted to the lining is an inner pad layer, unaffected by water which quickly passes through to the next layer. Quilted to the outer shell, the second pad layer provides formidable impact protection and continues to expedite the moisture escape.
  • The laminate: The remarkable "One-way" membrane, applied to the outer shell, will allow water molecules to exit the bag but not to enter.
  • The shell: 600 denier poly blend cross dye. Two fibers of different color are woven together to create a unique natural and rugged look and feel.
  • 2 large external zippered compartments - one on each side of the bag - are ideal for magazines and accessories
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Color: Black
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